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Join us for the global launch of predictive analytics tool X-Ray Learning Analytics on January 11th, 11am ET UTM-5/ 4pm GMT (check your local time).

Here are five reasons you should not miss the launch of X-Ray Learning Analytics:

X-Ray Learning Analytics Global Launch | 11 January

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Learn how to select and develop activities and materials that positively impact the learning experience.
Evaluate effectiveness of course materials and activities.

Identify and focus on at-risk students.
Drive positive outcomes for at-risk learners by recommending specific actions in a timely fashion.

Gain deep insights into student behaviour and performance drivers.
Improve course-wide student performance and satisfaction.

Effectively and efficiently manage course activities and materials.
Simplify and enhance course facilitation for instructors and drive deeper interaction and adoption of your LMS.

Promote student satisfaction.
Develop strong learner communities through discussions, materials, and assessments.

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